360 Privacy Policy

360 Transportation knows, understands, and respects the privacy of each passenger that is riding in one of their vehicles. 360 Transportation will not disclose passenger log, passenger pick-up or drop-off locations, content heard or seen during duration of trip to anyone that is not an employee of 360 Transportation.  

360 Transportation has the rights to terminate a trip for a single passenger or group that is a threat to the safety of the driver or other passengers or intentionally damaging any 360 Transportation property. Passenger/s will be dropped off in a safe location and asked to exit the vehicle. Law Enforcement will be contacted in this event. 

360 Transportation, for the purpose of using on 360 Transportation website or social media,  has the rights to use appropriate pictures and videos of guest (18yrs or older) in or around the 360 Transportation vehicle. If guest are younger than 18yrs of age permission from parent or guardian will be requested.